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WIFI Backup camera
Item#: 8902WiFi
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Day and Night
See the WIFI backup camera on your iPhone, iPad or any Android phone. Product support all iOS and Android device. Just
download the free APP and you will see the WIFI backup camera on your device, including iPhone, iPad, Samsung and
other smart phone device.

  • WIFI Back-Up Camera shows video on your smart phone allows you to see what is behind you before you back up
  • Comes complete with everything you need to install. (No router, or phone company signal require)
  • Avoid accidents and injuries in your Car, Van, SUV, RV, or delivery vehicle
  • Install on the back of your trailer, RV, and see what's behind at all time.
  • Small Camera flexible mounting option provides 130 degree wide angle viewing
  • Installation is easy, just connect power to the camera.
  • Easy to read English installation manual
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* Add Additional Camera
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Camera (8902iT)
WiFi Transmitter (4068i)
Imaging Sensor        CMOS
CMOS Total Pixels        628x586 (PAL/NTSC)
Minimum Illumination        0.5 Lux
Video output         0.9-1.3v p-p 75ohm
Night Vision Range w/ car reverse light on      10 feet
Power Supply        + 12V DC
Consumption Current (Max.)        220mA
Horizontal View Angle        130 Degrees
Unobstructed Effective Range        10m [Min.]
Dimensions (W x D x H)        36 x 34 x 33(mm)
Weight [About)        60g
Operating Temperature        -10°C/+50°C or+14°F/122°F
Operating Humidity        85% RH
Intermediate Frequency        2400-2483.5MHz
Demodulation Type        WIFI 802.11b;802.11g/n
Antenna        50 ohm SMA
EnCryption Mode       WPA2
Power Supply        + 12 V DC
Consumption Current (Max.)        150mA(MAX)
Unobstructed Effective Range        10M(Min.)
Video latency    .7 second
Wifi Boot up time 1.7second
Dimensions (W x D x H)        71 x 35.5 x 12.3mm
Weight [About)        60 g
Operating Temperature        -10°C/+50°C or+14°F/122°F
Operating Humidity        85% RH
Package contains:
  • 8902iT Back Up Camera
  • WiFi transmitter
  • WiFi APP link for download
  • User Manual
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Accessories :
Car Cigarette Lighter Cables for WiFi camera
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Day Time and Night Time view, and sun-blocking feature help to see better:
4 Pin extension cord between 8902iT camera and the WiF itransmitter
10 feet:
$12.95                                  20 feet: $22.95                              40 feet: $38.95
Only suggested when smart phone and transmitter over 30 feet
away, and you want to improve the signal strength. Click picture
for detail wire length information.
You can use this car cigarette lighter adapter to provide
the power for the WiFi camera and transmitter, instead of
connect (hardwired) to car 12V power.
110V-240V A/C adapter for 8902WiFi
You can get a A/C adapter to connect to power WiFi
phone anywhere in your home, or where there is A/C
power available.
40681i WiFi transmitter
If you want to connect to other camera, or see other
video output on iPhone/Android screen, you can use this
wifi Transmitter. Please note it will require you to cut the
4-pin connector, and manually splice the wire to connect
your video source into the transmitter's video input wire
(Yellow wire ONLY).
4068i takes 12V power input, and output 3.3V to camera
and take in camera video input (0.9-1.3v p-p 75ohm).
Then convert video to WIFI signal to  iPhone/Android.
If you cut the wire, it will void any warranty. So
to get a full set, test to verify before your
modification. Once you finish the modification, you
can ship the camera only back for $30 refund.
Please also see one of our
customer's product review posted on
8 LED IR wired
license Cam
Listed $99.99
Now $65.00
15 Feet cable  $5

30 Feet Cable   $15

45 Feet Cable  $25
NOTE: If you want to add additional camera onto the set, you need to manually cut and splice the wire on both
the cameras and transmitter. You can add a toggle switch on two camera's video output, and control which
camera's video signal send to the transmitter unit's video wire.
If you want to get the license plate camera, instead of the camera 8902iT camera. You need to splice the wire
and manually connect the license plate camera video onto the transmitter's video wire. Suggest you order the
full set + HTN08, test the full set to verify working, modify the unit, then return the 8902iT for $30 refund.
Click here to see instruction of wiring up the transmitter with HTN08 camera.
Click here to see instruction of wiring up the transmitter with HTN08 camera.
Wired Mini Camera
front or side camera
(Click for more detail)
Listed $179.99
Now $94.95
15 Feet cable  $5

30 Feet Cable   $15

45 Feet Cable  $25
Default WiFi camera
See Live Demo of this WiFi Camera
on iPhone, day time, night time, and
long range signal demo.

Video is the live demo of WIFI camera on iPhone.
Camera (8902iT) was installed on the license
plate location on a Toyota Sienna Van.
Actual result might various depend on the camera
location, and blockage between the camera and
your smart phone.
[If you want to download the Free App,
or "New Sight" following your user manual]